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Mission Statement

B'nai Israel Community Day School's mission is to provide a community of safe and secure learning where children and families can flourish , experiencing the beginning of a lifelong love of both Jewish and secular learning.
School Philosophy

The staff at B'nai Israel Community Day School is hardworking, devoted and committed to educating young children. They are driven to look at the needs of each child and work tirelessly to make every day fun, diverse and exciting for all of their students. The philosophy of the school encourages exposing children to many activities throughout the day allowing them to learn what their preferences are as they grow and develop. Throughout the day, children experience yoga, sing a longs, outdoor gardening, Judaics, messy play, computers, time with the B'nai Israel Seniors group, circle time, nature walks, playground time, cooking and more.
Debby Kinman-Ford - Day School Director

Debby Kinman-Ford has been director of B'nai Israel Community Day School since 2004. Prior to that she spent five years in the Gainesville's Jewish community as Program Director for the Jewish Community Center Without Walls and over ten years  as an educator and consultant for both the Alachua County and Miami Dade County Public School systems. Her training specializes in social and emotional development. She feels her work at B'nai Israel blends her love of Judaism and education together seamlessly.  She has two daughters, Alisha and Rebekah.

Posted April 28, 2017

B'nai Israel goes above and beyond to ensure our children receive a comprehensive education while being in a loving, safe and fun environment. My son in his his 3rd year at B'nai and I'm thrilled he will be able to attend another year! The learning curriculum is outstanding and every single aspect of our child's well-being is attended to. I'm so happy my son has had the opportunity to be part of a well-rounded, education focused, loving preschool.

—Submitted by a parent

Posted July 26, 2016

When we moved to Gainesville 4 years ago all I wanted was to put my son who had some learning disabilities in a Jewish preschool thank heavens for Bnai Israel, from the temple side to the preschool side we have had an amazing experience, Debby has setup an amazing day school that my children actually wanted and want to go to everyday. My son entered at 2 years old delayed in speech and having social issues, he had a hard time leaving mommy but he loved his teachers and I always felt comfortable leaving him in their hands, he left speaking well, reading, writing and was getting better as social skills. The school was very accommodating and worked with me on our needs. It was so sad when he moved on to kindergarten (they hadn't opened the new one yet) thank goodness we had another bundle of joy back in 2014 and we're able to stay and be apart of the bnai day school family several more years!!!! And now a kindergarten I can't wait to watch it grow!!!

It gives me goose bumps to hear the songs, stories and prayers my children have learned from the multi media devices, to hands on activities to singing and art the lessons are endless.

—Submitted by a parent
We have had the pleasure of being a part of the B'nai family for six years now, and are looking forward to another four! Our four children, three of whom are still enrolled at B'nai have had truly wonderful experiences. We are not a Jewish family, however we have always felt very welcomed to join in the festivities. A few of the traditions such as our Friday night Shabbat (our family game night) will continue to be a mainstay in our home for the rest of our lives. The gardening, chickens & outdoor enrichment activities really fall in line with our desire to have active, environmentally aware children. Classroom activities are very age appropriate, and although they don't promise to have your child reading by the time they are graduating Pre-K, the various classroom activities reinforce the letters, colors and numbers that they are teaching. My son, who is currently in Kindergarten was extremely well prepared for school both socially and academically. We have had the opportunity to interact with, or have as a teacher, most everyone in the school. They all have one common theme to their personality…..a love for children. I have not been an active member of the PTA, but there is a strong one at the school. Though I do not attend the meetings, the PTA members get information out to everyone whether via flyers or emails. The "community" at this school is amazing, and as you can see I have a hard time finding an end point to my review. There is just too much to list.
—Submitted by a parent


This is our 4th year at B'nai. My daughter started B'nai when she was 14 months and is now finishing her Pre-K year. I will be sad to leave Bnai because this has been such a wonderful school! Each year, we've had great teachers and aids in each class. The staff at B'nai are caring, thoughtful and very detailed. The school is clean, safe, incredibly organized, has a great curriculum, has a garden, chickens, an amazing outdoor play area with a nature trail, a library, and a computer room. I have been the "room mom" for the past two years, so I have spent a good amount of time in the classroom helping with service and special projects. I have always been impressed at how well the school is run and how responsive the teachers and administration have been. But above all - the best review I can give is from my daughter. When we pick her up, she is incredibly happy and is usually having so much fun that she doesn't want to leave! I would highly recommend this school.
—Submitted by a parent
Posted May 18, 2015

Our daughter started at B'nai when she was 18 months old, and it was her first time away from myself or my husband. She transitioned beautifully (she handled it better than I did!) and loves going to school every day (she's now three years old). The teachers are wonderful - so nurturing, caring, and warm - and I find comfort knowing that my child is in exceedingly capable hands on a daily basis. It's also comforting knowing that B'nai and it's staff are so open to all families, regardless of their faith. We are not Jewish, and the fact that we aren't hasn't been the least bit of an issue since we've been there. I don't hesitate to ask questions and no one there hesitates to answer them =) We are are so thankful that B'nai is part of our family and that we are a part of theirs!
—Submitted by a parent
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