B'nai Israel Community
Day School

Kindergarten 2017/2018

Welcome to our Elementary School


Our goal is to educate and cultivate our future community leaders by combining       age appropriate customized learning with strong character values.

Curriculum Objectives

To offer a creative and enriching environment for self-exploration and character building through play areas.

To exercise the use of different technology devices in classroom settings for projects, independent play and intercultural communication.

To construct an advanced natural and social science curriculum based on theoretical and actual studies.

To promote a lifelong skill set for good health through multiple forms of traditional and alternative physical education.

To embrace Jewish culture and diversify each child's knowledge on cultures beyond their own.

To challenge and apply analytical thinking skills through elementary mathematics.

To nurture tomorrow's storytellers through a combination of state-adopted curriculum and a rich assortment of language activities.

Measuring Success

We provide a customized education, adjusting the program to the needs of each student. Children will be able to work at a pace that allows them the ability to advance when they have mastered a skill or slow down when they need more assistance. Skill acquisition will be determined by documentation of mastery of kindergarten and grade one Florida State Standards. Our goal is to have all kindergartners complete the school year with most grade one skills accomplished.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Hours: 8am-3pm

      • Before care available, free of charge: 7:30-8am

        • After care available: until 5:30pm (4:30pm on Friday)

          • Summer Camp available

            • Student-teacher ratio: 10:1