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Mission Statement

B'nai Israel Community Day School's mission is to provide a community of safe and secure learning where children and families can flourish , experiencing the beginning of a lifelong love of both Jewish and secular learning.
School Philosophy

The staff at B'nai Israel Community Day School is hardworking, devoted and committed to educating young children. They are driven to look at the needs of each child and work tirelessly to make every day fun, diverse and exciting for all of their students. The philosophy of the school encourages exposing children to many activities throughout the day allowing them to learn what their preferences are as they grow and develop. Throughout the day, children experience yoga, sing a longs, outdoor gardening, Judaics, messy play, computers, time with the B'nai Israel Seniors group, circle time, nature walks, playground time, cooking and more.
Debby Kinman-Ford - Day School Director
Debby Kinman-Ford has been director of B'nai Israel Community Day School since 2004. Prior to that she spent five years in the Gainesville's Jewish community as Program Director for the Jewish Community Center Without Walls and over ten years  as an educator and consultant for both the Alachua County and Miami Dade County Public School systems. Her training specializes in social and emotional development. She feels her work at B'nai Israel blends her love of Judaism and education together seamlessly.  She has two daughters, Alisha and Rebekah.
Posted April 28, 2017
I have been volunteeri
ng here for about 5 years. Twice a week working hands on with the children, staff, teachers. It is such an amazing place for developing minds. The children learn how to grow their own food in the school garden. Then, they learn how to cook with their own vegetables. The school has chickens, they are learning how to care for them, and collect fresh eggs everyday. The children learn about other cultures, climates, and other events in those countries. This is done with a wonderful tool called the iPad. They watch how things in these countries. How families just like theirs work in there. They are transported to a new country. How amazing is that?
The Judaism education is throughout the day. I have never seen a more loving group of people who care for the children every. I have been blessed to be a part of this amazing school for 5 years. And 2 of my nephews are part of the school. I love this place.

—Submitted by a volunteer
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