Preschool Programming


B'nai Israel Community Day School offers programs for children ages three months old through Pre-K. We understand that families have many different needs so we have provided several options for them to choose from.  One of the most unique things about admissions to our school is that we offer only a certain number of slots in each class.  Each child has a spot held for them for five full days regardless of how much the child attends our school. In other words, if a family signs up for three half days, a spot is reserved for that child for five full days so if at any point in the future, that family wants to increase their time or needs to add a day for a schedule conflict, we can accommodate them. Additionally for the families with children enrolled for five full days from the onset, there will be days when there will be less children in their child's class.  We only allow a set number of children in a program as opposed to filling every available space during the week.

For children ages three to twelve months and walking, we offer the 'Levan' program. This class is a one to four ratio offering the care, attention and stimulation our young ones need.

Ones - This class provides activities for those not quite ready to take on preschool but definitely ready to explore more of the world around them as they become more mobile and adventurous.  Both programs focus on language stimulation, gross and fine motor skills, sensory activities as well as socialization in a warm Jewish environment.

Our preschool classes combine a stimulating academic program suited to the developmental needs of young children. Our classrooms are rich with activities that enable the individual child to grow and develop in a stable and nurturing environment. Children learn not only academic subjects but also independence, cooperation and tolerance through small group and individual activities. Children are taught academic and socialization skills through play and hands-on learning experiences by a well-trained and caring staff.  The language-rich experience begins in our infant classroom and moves seamlessly through our Pre-K program.  Singing, dancing, painting and child directed outdoor play are an integral part of each preschooler's day along with an outdoor environmental program that teaches the children about plants, composting and recycling. In addition, we offer yoga, Judaics and a multimedia room for all of our students. Our multimedia room houses a school library, open to all classes and a computer lab for our preschool program. Finally, we are fortunate to have our wonderful rabbi- Rabbi David Kaiman,present as  a big part of our school.  He works with the children teaching about our Jewish holidays, teaches a weekly half hour class to our Pre-K children, and leads a delightful Kabbalat Shabbat program every Friday for the entire school.  We provide a low teacher-child ratio in all of our classes for the optimum learning experience.