Pre-K - Keshet Class



My name is Ebony Phipps and I am the Keshet Pre-K Teacher. I was born in St.

Thomas. U.S.V.I., but grew up in Gainesville, Fl. I live with two sweet dogs named Latte

and Tiana and enjoy spending time with my family. My education consists of a

Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education from Santa Fe College. I interned

at B’nai Israel my last semester of college and loved being here so much I decided to

stay. I aim to get this next class ready for Kindergarten by helping them learn through

their strengths and by making this year fun. I truly believe children learn best when

the learning is fun and relatable. I am excited for this new school year and I look

forward to what the year will bring. Welcome to Keshet!!

-- Miss Ebony

Weeks of 07/03/2018-8/03/2018
Theme: Barnyard Bonanza

Mitzvah Hero (Student of the Week): N/A