Throughout my life, I have been committed to the development of Jewish community and learning. After graduating from the University of Florida, I traveled to Israel where I settled down for several years, immersing myself in a small community in the Israeli Negev. In this time, I learned Hebrew and worked with elementary and high school students as an English tutor and later with a national nonprofit that settled university students in the Israeli periphery while running education and community development activities. In 2015, I decided to return to Florida with my husband, Itamar and little dog, Sharona. I feel so fortunate to be a part of the B'nai Israel community for another year and to share my love of Jewish learning with such amazing families.
My name is Mr. Justin. I have worked at Bnai Israel for the past two years as the assistant Gardening teacher/Groundskeeper and am moving into the Lead Gardening position this year. I love getting my hands dirty and feeling the Florida sunshine on my back and the B'nai Israel Garden provides ample opportunity for both. With some hard work and a little luck, the children will be able to watch life spring forth from the ground and grow before their eyes. Confucius said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” I have tried to apply this into my life and seek to apply it to teaching. When a child digs with their own hands, plants a seed, waters the seed, and cares for it as it grows they develop a better understanding of life and a respect for nature. I am twenty three years old and currently studying for my Bachelors degree.

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