Hello, my name is Shauna Sikron. This will be my third year as B'nai Israel's Judaic teacher. Over the last two years, I have fallen in love with the joy of teaching young children about the Jewish world. Through songs, stories, play, and a lot of lessons about good deeds, I strive to teach our students how to be the best mensches they can be.


Before teaching at B'nai Israel, I lived in Israel for several years. While there, I completed a master's degree, tutored English to high school and elementary-aged students, and learned Hebrew in the process. In 2015, I returned to Florida, with my husband, Itamar and little dog, Sharona. Last October, we welcomed our baby girl, Nava to the family and are so excited for her to join the preschool this year.



My name is Mr. Justin. I have worked at Bnai Israel for the past three years as the Teva Teacher/ Groundskeeper, as well having completed a Bachelor's in Accounting. I love getting my hands dirty and feeling the Florida sunshine on my back and the B'nai Israel Garden provides ample opportunity for both. With some hard work and a little luck, the children will be able to watch life spring forth from the ground and grow before their eyes. Confucius said “I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” I have tried to apply this into my life and seek to apply it to teaching. When a child digs with their own hands, plants a seed, waters the seed, and cares for it as it grows they develop a better understanding of life and a respect for nature.