Threes - Yarok Class





My name is Dulce Lozano and I am the Three’s co-teacher.  I am very excited to be working at B’nai Israel and look forward to working together throughout the year. I am currently a student at Santa Fe College and I am majoring in Public Health. My academic goal is to complete a masters in Epidemiology and work in the educational side of this field. Throughout my life, I have had many great experiences caring for children. I have worked with children of many ages and in many different settings. My first job was working at a bounce house facility for children and throughout high school, I volunteered at my local elementary school. That being said, I am excited to not only be assisting the lead teachers, but to also be working together with the staff, parents, and the children in order to help them meet and excel in meeting their academic goals.

Week of: 1/16/2018
Theme for the Week: Wellness of the Earth

Mitzvah Mensch (Student of the Week):